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Washington D.C. is no ordinary city. The capital of the United States of America is inarguably the political power centre of the world. It is home to the embassies, consulates, and trade missions of all the countries of the world with which the U.S. has trade and diplomatic relations. Every nation of any importance attaches huge value to developing a network of contacts in the city. This is also true of large transnational business corporations. In other words, it makes sense to know the right people in Washington, D.C.

Any translation company offering high-quality document translation services or interpreter services will therefore be in great demand in the city. Let us take a look at the kind of attributes that prospective clients seek in a translation or interpreting services company in Washington, D.C.


High-profile clients like diplomats and large corporate organizations have a lot riding on their communication and messaging endeavors. They just cannot afford any errors or misinterpretation concerning what they are trying to communicate with their target audiences in Washington D.C. A Chinese translation service company or for that matter any Korean translation services company has to be able to provide faultless service every time. No diplomat or corporate head honcho will tolerate a goof-up caused by the sloppiness of a translation or interpretation services company.

Linguistic Proficiency

The linguistic proficiency of the phone interpreting and simultaneous interpretation services professionals is very important. They should additionally be experts in the subject they are dealing with and possess the ability to communicate in a clear, precise, and unambiguous manner. This is as true of a Chinese interpreter as it is of a Japanese interpreter.

Advanced Tools and Technology

The best translation services companies use state of the art translating equipment and interpreting equipment. This is especially true for an important capital city like Washington, D.C. At any given time there would be any number of news conferences, workshops, seminars, exhibitions, talk shows, and book launches happening. Many of these would necessitate the use of simultaneous translation and simultaneous interpreting equipment to reach out effectively to a multi-national audience.


The credentials of the translation and interpretation professionals tell the clients a great deal about how good they are. Here are some of the important accreditations that you might want to know about-

-Institute of Linguists

-US National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators

– American Translators Association (ATA)

-Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI)

-Societe Francaise des Traducteurs (SFT)

The Ability to Work under Pressure

Translators and interpreters need to be able to handle tremendous pressure to be able to perform well for Washington, D.C. clients. This is on account of their high-profile nature and the fact that their work usually involves high stakes. There might, for instance, be an important summit meeting between two nations to be facilitated. Alternatively, there might be high-level trade negotiations about a festering trade dispute between the U.S. and another nation to be assisted. Not only do the translation and interpretation services have to be out of the top drawer, but the personnel involved should also be adept at people management.

The Ability to Be Culturally Sensitive

Washington, D.C. may not be a racial and cultural melting pot like New York City, but it sure has more than its share of people of different nationalities and linguistic diversity. Being the nation’s capital city, it sees its fair share of expatriates and foreigners, especially diplomats from around the world.

The translation and interpretation professionals need to exercise care to not offend anyone, considering the sensitivity involved. It, therefore, helps that one is culturally sensitive and able to communicate well with people regardless of their ethnic or cultural background.


Washington, D.C. is  one of the largest metropolitan areas in the country with its 5 million population[1]. That apart it houses a large number of foreign embassies as well as many important international bodies like the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank. Millions of people from around the world including diplomats, foreign heads of states, trade and business delegates, and tourists visit the city every year.

A large variety of languages is therefore spoken in Washington, D.C. and the role that the city’s many translation and interpretation services play in enabling communication is immense. After English, Spanish is the most widely spoken language in the area. That, however, takes nothing away from the importance that other languages like German, Chinese, and Japanese have in the scheme of things over there.

Given the fact that almost all the major languages of the world need to be translated and interpreted in Washington, D.C. daily, the significance of the translation industry is huge. Some of the most outstanding translation and interpretation professionals in the business have made the city home on account of the opportunities offered over here. Over the years they have been witness to many iconic events and occasions that have shaped destinies worldwide.

Translation service professionals are those unsung warriors whose behind-the-scenes hard work may not always be visible but is often of monumental value. Washington, D.C. is the capital of the U.S.  and has been witness to many historic events over the decades, including the inaugurations of many presidents. It’s very long and distinguished legacy has in no small part been shaped by an army of diligent and hard-working translation and interpretation professionals who ensured that everything went according to plan.

The responsibilities that translators and interpreters have has only increased in the digital age. Digital content is something that needs to be churned out constantly in today’s times and the translation agencies have had to learn to keep pace. Similarly, internet connectivity and the ease of communicating seamlessly across geographies has meant that the translation agencies have had their volume of work go up exponentially.

Going forward one can only expect that the scope of work carried out will grow both in terms of volume and diversity. This is truer of Washington, D.C. than of any other place in the world.

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Philip Rosen

Philip Rosen

Capital Linguists’ certified translation service and interpreters service was founded on Philip’s vision of a super-elite translation and interpreting force. Drawing on other high level interpreters and translators, he leads an exclusive cadre of highly skilled, professional language specialists.

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