Interpreting Agencies

Interpreting Agencies

Hiring an interpreter who is not certified will only give you disastrous results. Using a friend or relative who knows both languages will most likely lead to altered, omitted, or embellished words. Unprofessional interpreters might change the intended meaning of a message, and they, therefore, cannot be relied on important businesses such as health care, legal, manufacturing, among others. We are here to ensure that the intended message reaches your audience.

At Capital Linguists, we are among the most trusted and reliable interpreting agencies. We offer translators and interpreters to support over a hundred international languages. Our interpreting equipment and experienced audio technicians are ideal for any conference. We also have a document translation service that works overtime to bring our customers superior quality translated documents for internal use or even publication.

Why Do You Need Translation Services?

If you have global customers, your business has communication needs that have to be met with ease. You definitely do not want communication barriers to get in the way of your business’s success. A professional translator is what you need to break the language barrier so that existing and potential clients can receive the right information and do business with you. Additionally, having an interpreter for your business will benefit you in the following ways:

Professional interpreters can speak an array of languages, presenting you with the advantage of reaching clients all over the world. You will not have to avoid projects due to the language barrier as your interpreter will translate any information and data. 

A translation service is a cost-effective way of expanding your business globally. There will be no limit to the success of your business as you can provide your services and products all over the world.

What Should You Consider When Hiring an Interpreting Agency?

Finding a translation service provider for the first time can be a time-consuming, demanding, and stressful process. Hiring the right interpreting company will ensure you get an accurate and reliable translation of your documents. The following tips will help you choose the right translation agency:

Legal documents, such as proposals and contracts, are sensitive and should be kept confidential. It is, therefore, vital to hire a translation agency that will respect and be willing to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) when necessary.

Accredited interpreting agencies have sophisticated workflow management systems. Agencies that have acquired ISO9001 and ISO17100 certification will offer you the best and most reliable professional services.

What You Should Know When Working with A Translation Agency

Some people have trouble working with translation agencies because they do not understand the internal processes that they should go through before the actual interpreting.

For instance, a translation process will go through two phases — the actual translation by a translating linguistic and editing. Then a second linguistic to proofread. Any adjustments to your document mean it has to go through the same process again. That means more work for the agency, and the final delivery deadline might not be met. As such, you will need to extend the delivery date.

Where to Get Professional Interpreters

Let us help you grow your business globally. At Capital Linguists, we are listed among the top interpreting agencies. Our services are of high-quality and affordable. To book us, call (612) 817-7744.

Interpreting Agencies
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Interpreting Agencies Interpreting Agencies