Alan-Watts Chinese translator

Allan Watts and How He Interprets Eastern Philosophy

Not many people know who Alan Watts (1915-1973) was, which is really a pity given that he was a Westerner with a profound understanding of Eastern philosophy. Given how the international discourse is increasingly centered on

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seamlessly, including interpretation, translation

Indonesia, the Least Known Important Country

Bali, Java, Borneo—and 922 Inhabited Islands! In 2018 many groups from Indonesia will visit Washington DC., the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles(L.A.), New York and Boston. When they do, Capital Linguists will help you communicate

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Chinese Interpreter

China: The Dragon Soars

No one in the world disputes the fact that China is the second most preeminent power in the world after the U.S. While the world marvels at the rise and rise of this Asian giant over

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Spain-A European Nation like No Other

Spain is a European nation like no other, in that its history has been an incredibly checkered one. It was ruled by Arab Muslims for seven hundred years and it took centuries of re-conquest by the

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Doing Business With The Italians

The U.S.- Italy relations go back a long way, right to the time when the modern Italian state emerged in 1861. The U.S. in fact established diplomatic relations with Italy as far back as then. The

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Korea-The Land Of The Morning Calm

The Koreans call their country Cho Sen, which means The Land Of The Morning Calm. The image that people around the world carry of Korea, South Korea to be precise, is that it is a bit

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Eternal Russia

What image does Russia conjure in your mind? The land of eternal snow? The onion domes of the Kremlin? The graceful ballerinas of Bolshoi theater or the haunting landscapes of the David Lean wpassic Dr. Zhivago?

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A close up of a map - Germany

Germany- The European Economic Powerhouse

Germany has long been the economic growth engine of Europe. Their industrial might and engineering excellence is known around the world. Brands like BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Siemens, Bayer, Adidas, Porshe, Nivea, Puma, Braun, and so many

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