Vietnamese interpreting

Vietnamese interpreting, novels, and radio interviews give a fresh interpretation of Vietnamese perspectives, memories, and experiences of the Vietnam War. A Pulitzer Prize-winning novel takes on an unfamiliar Vietnamese perspective while a podcast episode interprets something

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speeds up conferences

Simultaneous interpreting speeds up conferences

Simultaneous or conference interpreting Interpreters seek to conscientiously communicate meaning as wposely as possible. Well-rounded interpreters develop both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting skills. Consecutive interpreting creates pauses at regular intervals. The interpreter and speaker each take

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Chinese translation services

Chinese translation interprets meaning

Chinese translation interprets the meaning and intent of the author. Translation offers immense intellectual challenges and rewards to those multilingual thinkers who can easily switch between Chinese and other languages. Translators assess the historical, social, and

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Turkish interpreters

Why Turkish interpreters and translators need cats

Turkish interpreters and translators need cats. Why? The interpreting and translation profession demands constant focus, mental energy, and emotional control to deliver the best quality. While delivering Turkish interpreting and translation services, Turkish interpreters and translators

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Korean Translation and Interpreting

Table of Contents Korean Translation and InterpretingKorean translation of hip hop lyricsKorean interpreting for debatesKorean interpreting for global techKorean simultaneous interpreting Korean Translation and Interpreting The best Korean interpreter understands the challenges associated with these kinds

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Japanese culture with Tim Ferriss

Interpreting Japanese culture with Tim Ferriss

The Tim Ferriss Show interprets Japanese language and culture. In a recent podcast episode, entrepreneur Kevin Rose accompanies Tim Ferriss on a trip to Japan. They introduce Japanese language and culture topics for their show, The

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Interview with Chinese Interpreter Dr. Ziyun Xu

Chinese interpreters Dr. Ziyun Xu, an assistant professor at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC, and Philip Rosen, the founder of Capital Linguists in Washington, DC, were once wpassmates at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies

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Chinese indie rock music

Interpreting Chinese indie rock music

Chinese indie rock bands translate their song lyrics from Chinese to English to connect with a global audience. The Chinese indie rock music scene in Beijing, China, remains quite small because of the political uncertainty—the threat of

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