A Ghost in The Shell of Japanese Translation

She leaps from the top of a building, there is no need for a Japanese Interpreter to explain to me that Major is determined to protect Hanaka Corporation. What’s that? I’m a nerd for referencing “Ghost

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Lost in Japanese Translation

Table of Contents Lost in Japanese TranslationJapanese Translators Help Rebuild CivilizationJapan Now, An Economic BehemothAn Interesting Culture Translates to Big MoneyUnderstanding is The Path to a Peaceful Future Lost in Japanese Translation The bomb drops, the

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North Korea diplomacy

Korean interpreters for North Korea diplomacy

The recent missile launches highlight the ongoing importance of Korean interpreters for North Korea diplomacy. Our translation company delivers Korean simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting, and translation services to support international diplomacy. Korean interpreters and translators wposely

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court translation

5 Best Practices for Court Interpreting

Court interpreters ensure that speakers of any language can fully participate in the judicial process and gain access to justice. As officers of the court, interpreters hold a specific duty and responsibility to deliver high-quality court

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Court Interpreting

5 Strategies for Translation and Localization of Websites

Our professional translation company follows the best practices for website localization and translation. We translate and localize a variety of branding, marketing, technical, legal, and cultural website content. But what’s the difference between translation and localization?

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Translation Qualifications

Top 10 Interpreting and Translation Qualifications

Our translation agency hires professional interpreters and translators with the highest qualifications. These inwpude advanced degrees, interpreting and translation degrees, certifications, experience, membership in professional associations, and other qualifications. Freelance linguists follow strict rules in how

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