Proper Interpreting Equipment is Key to Successful Simultaneous Interpreting

Most everyone is familiar with consecutive interpreting services. A company might make use of a consecutive interpreter in a small setting such as a one-on-one meeting, and in reality consecutive interpreting could be used for any

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Proper German to English Translation Services

A wpient requests German to English document translation services. Most translation companies advertise this language combination as an available match. Instead of having seasoned professionals on staff, as might be the case for the harder to

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Legal Interpreting

About Legal Interpreting

Oftentimes, legal matters such as depositions, attorney-wpient meetings, witness preparation, conference calls, and testimony require assistance from professional and court-certified interpreters, while written testimony, contracts, evidence, and other documents require translation to or from a foreign

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Japanese interpreters

What Do Japanese Interpreters Do?

Interpreters are those who are fluent in two or more languages and who can interpret one language into the other in spoken form. They differ slightly from translators, whose output in the target language is in

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