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Localize Video Soundtracks

Promotional video, or video content, is the wave of the future for any up to date web presence, whether a web-page, on social media, or YouTube offerings.  Transcription is the first step in Voice Over, Subtitling, and Captioning of videos.

We bring the same professional quality to our video and transcription service that we’ve always devoted to our interpreting and translation services.  We can help you with Voice Over, Subtitles, Captioning and Transcription, from and into any language! 

Audio Transcription Video Transcription

The Cutting Edge of Transcription and Video Treatments

In Capital Linguists’ state of the art recording studios, our qualified linguists transcribe and then translate your source video or document.  Under the supervision of professional audio producers, the new language is dubbed accurately to voice over or narrate your original video.

Voice Over

We offer voiceover talent in any language you choose, especially Spanish, French, Portuguese, Vietnamese and Chinese— even English!  Thanks to the latest recording equipment and production techniques, your voice over is perfectly synched, matching lip movement or timed to narrate images.


Subtitles are translated from the original transcript and then synchronized to match the source video.  Subtitles in any language, such as Spanish or Chinese, guarantee that your audience will not miss a single piece of information.  They fall short of voice over, but keep your original sound track so voice and non-voice audio effects can still be heard.


Transcription is the starting point for voice over and subtitling, but it has many more uses.  Primarily, a transcription of your on-line video creates the SEO terms(Search Engine Optimized terms) for Google to lead searchers to your web-site.  Transcription is also used in Legal and Medical settings when the spoken word needs to be recorded and cataloged.

State of the Art Audio or Video Transcription for Conferences

We do state of the art audio or video transcription with quick turnaround for conferences and legal purposes. We can provide MP3s and MP4s for your conference attendees on demand. Attendees can purchase a recording of conference speakers to bring home and share.

Localization by dubbing or translation adds even more access via the world wide web. Audio or video transcription can immortalize the content produced by your conference, in any language needed. A transcription of your event adds value by allowing more people to view the content generated by your event.

Be sure to have us make a professional recording of your event on audio or video to be repurposed on the web later!

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